The Tick saved my life. No joke. Toward the end of 1996 I found myself suffering from undiagnosed panic disorder, fired from three jobs, on welfare and quite prepared to blow my head off. That's when I turned to comics to get my mind off of reality. It started as a sort of self-prescribed therapy which turned into a 26 page funny book called The Comic. At that point, what do you do; do you pay your rent or do you blow $500.00 on printing the thing up as a gag? The choice was clear. I took copies of The Comic to local shops in order to get some of my money back, one of which was a New England Comics store. Luckily, Editor George Suarez and Art Director Bob Polio got wind of it and saw in me a potential that I wasn't aware of myself. Yes, I stepped in a big, steaming pile of luck. Now I spend my days at the typewriter and desk, enjoying the loneliness and long hours that are minor success. God, I need a date.

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